Drake, If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late.


Image from NME.

The surprising new release on iTunes from the 28 year old Canadian rapper Drake hit on February 13th. Contrary to any superstitious beliefs, ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ sold an incredible half a million sales in under a week.

Now I’m quite partial to Drake destroying my speakers with explicit material on a Saturday morning drive (and Sunday, Monday..). I was drawn to the name instantly as any play on words is always a winner in my books, though after listening to the album in it’s entirety (fair is fair), in comparison to hugely addictive songs such as ‘Underground Kings’ and ‘Headlines’ from Take Care (2011), or even the more universally quoted ‘Started From The Bottom’  from Nothing Was The Same (2013) there really is a lacklustre feel about the new release. Some lines feel repeated, there isn’t as much ‘Drake’ as there is simple beats and script-reading. There are some smirk-to-yourself lines (just me?) such as ‘Man I’m talking way before the hashtags’ there’s no denying it is more diverse when considering experimental factors.

The Mixtape was originally planned as a free release, though Cash Money, Drake’s label intervened, and quite obviously so, right? Why wouldn’t we spend more money on funding a multi-millionaire who doesn’t hesitate to lavishly boast about it in his songs? I just hope the ‘real’ album release that’s been rumoured will be exactly that. It may even grow on me.

Until then, we started from the bottom now we’re funding repeated lines and personal ploys (read: NME’s Review)

Signed your biggest fan.

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