14 Things You Should NEVER Say To An Aspiring Writer.

Disclaimer: This post features a lot of sarcasm, a touch of anger (totally justified), and some of the best GIF’s you’ll ever lay your pretty eyes on. I have genuinely experienced every single point mentioned, here’s hoping I’m not alone.

1. ‘If you want to be a successful writer, just write’


Of course, thank you for opening my eyes.

2. ‘So what else do you do?’



3. ‘If you’re a writer, why don’t you like, write a book or something?!’


You know, I might do just that.

4. ‘I’m surprised books are still around, what with Netflix being so popular and all.’


 Because obviously there’ll be a time when we have to choose between Orange is The New Black and Clockwork Orange..

5. ‘I suppose it’s simply just putting pen to paper really isn’t it?’


Yup, you got it in one.

6. ‘You’ve spelt that wrong.’


Thank you for acknowledging my momentary act of pure idiocy.

7. ‘So do you have a blog then? I love Tumblr!’


Albeit a tad ironic these GIF’s were sourced from, you guessed it, Tumblr.

8. ‘Have you seen the new 50 Shades trailer? I just loved the book!’


OK, I’m done.

9. ‘You look tired, why don’t you take a break?’


A break from procrastination? Or the paragraph it took 3 hours to write?

10. ‘Yeah, this is actually quite good.’


What we actually hear.

11. ‘God I hate writing, it’s just so boring, isn’t it?’


Yes, yes it is.

12. ‘Surely you won’t be earning any money for a long time though?’


This represents my response perfectly. Make-up et al.

13. ‘Just use your imagination.’



14. ‘I really hate those #number posts.’


Well, if you’ve said any of the above, you’re probably not my favourite person, either.

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