Instagram the Optimist.


Image from JAK & JIL.

I’m just going to go right ahead and say it.

Sometimes there’s such thing as one selfie too many, one overly-filtered photo of beautiful Prada sandals I’ll never be able to justify, or an ‘Outfit of The Day’ featuring an ensemble that matches the same financial values as a deposit for a house, yet is simply captioned ‘Chill day’. All of this is obviously topped with an array of emojis and hashtags – the internets cult labelling method – and although there are many times when I’ve laughed at some users genius hashtag inventions, sometimes it is just too much. I don’t want to stress narcissism as a factor in any way, but more so the portrayal of our lifestyles; the continuity of success and positivity we all supposedly hold. There is an ever growing pattern emerging; It’s saying ‘no negativity allowed.’

This makes me ask the question, is Instagram the true optimist of social media?

Might I add I am no saint when it comes to social media (who is?), there have been many occasions in which I have hastily posted anger-fuelled quotes, alcohol-fuelled photos and a *insertmundaneobjecthere* no-one’s really that interested in.  It’s ludicrous to think that now, a level of attractiveness or likeability is supposedly defined by how many likes you get on that selfie you took because why waste an abstract mirror opportunity, right? I remember when all that was needed to be liked in school (and lets face it, generally succeed in life) was blonde highlights, straighteners and too much mascara. Somehow I still managed to get all of the aforementioned so very wrong.

My point is, yes Instagram is one of the most enjoyable social media platforms, and in a way I suppose it’s advantageous we all follow these unspoken rules, but sometimes no amount of Valencia or Walden can make eating your weight in spag bowl and watching eight hours of Netflix look pretty.. and that’s okay, really.

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