“I have nothing to wear.”


Said every woman, ever.

You know the mornings where you really should’ve decided what to wear the night before?

Let me refresh your memory. You have approximately 8 minutes until you approach the half an hour late mark, the weather has changed countless times (as have you), your favourite jeans are in the wash and you just hate EVERYTHING and really think the best thing to do right now is to throw everything out and start again.

Now it’s taken me a long time to figure out a few ways to combat this ever growing dilemma, if I can be helped even slightly then lord knows anyone can.

1. Monochrome. Do I really need to say any more? As if I haven’t expressed my love of the almighty black and white enough already (see here), it is a sure fire way to dress efficiently, with a two tone colour palette making getting dressed an absolute delight. The key focus here is keeping it minimalistic, though texture is additionally important.

2. A staple dress. Now in spite of my previous statement, I’ve been told that colour is good, too. I personally tend to wear colour in the form of ditsy floral prints, which brings me to my point. If you own a dress that looks great with or without tights, can be layered or worn alone, AND fits you like a dream – firstly, please tell me where to buy one and secondly, look after it. Like really look after it, and make sure you always keep it available for said aforementioned situation.

3. Shop your wardrobe. That’s right, assign a day to clear out your entire wardrobe and not only will organising (I’ve found colour coding helps) save you a lot of time in the mornings, but you’ll no doubt discover old favourites as well as shoes you’d completely forgotten you own, which if you really think about it, is essentially acquiring free clothes. As for the items which aren’t so desirable, pop them on eBay. You’ll be making money whilst saving essential wardrobe space!

What are your tips for ‘Nothing to Wear’ days? Because some mornings, I need all the help I can get..

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