Wearing White.

Calvin Klein

Image c/o Vogue.

So it’s currently Summer in England. I say currently because if you’re a typical Brit like myself, you’ll know that the second you even think about ditching those 60 deniers the grey clouds will assemble and the rain will come. Which means whilst everyone else innocently fills their wardrobes with pastels, brights, sunglasses and sandals regardless, I’ve been trying to pry my hands from all that is black and venture into something a little more season appropriate. So how did I handle said task in such a cooperative manner? White my friends, White.

White is however, a tricky one. Despite it being a perennial favourite, it isn’t the easiest to wear (i.e throw on in a rush when that ten extra minutes in bed escalates to just ten minutes to get ready) and if you’re anything like me you’ll have at least three miscellaneous (coffee, lipstick and *insertanyfoodhere*) stains on said ivory attire before lunchtime hits.

BUT let’s face it, it’s worth it. Below is proof, see:

Chloe gucci YSL

Chloé, Gucci, Saint Laurent.

My favourite ultimately has to be Calvin Klein (featured image), subtle androgyny paired with feminine texture? White on.

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