Writing Clothes.

Since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to have something to do with clothes. It started when I was about nine, designing what I now recognise as evening gowns, though at the time inspiration drew heavily from every disney princess combined (they were elaborate to say the least, trust me.) Elie Saab, eat your heart out right?

Because back then it seemed the word ‘fashion’ only had one pure connotation: Design. And as soon as I realised that in fact girls didn’t always want feathers and glitter topped with a meringue hem line all in one dress (I was nine) I quite literally went back to the drawing board. Then there were the countless Friends episodes, one of which feature Rachel landing a job as an assistant fashion buyer, with the key line ‘I would be shopping, for a living’ always being engraved in my mind. This is what I’m going to do, I thought (along with every other 14 year old girl at said time).

So then fast forward a few awkward school years and i’m choosing Textiles as my GCSE option, big mistake. I couldn’t sew to save my life, and i’m still pretty sure to this day my teacher had it in for me. I have always loved English and Fashion, but back then never really knew how to combine them. I was the one that stayed silent when we were given an essay or report whilst everyone else moaned, because if I’m quite honest, I couldn’t think of much better. So I finally finished school and chose to study Fashion Design at college. Well, I didn’t, I changed my mind, thank god. I studied Fashion Promotion, then went on to my degree now in Fashion Communication & Marketing. I’m in my last year, hence the 6 week break from blogging. But I couldn’t keep away, and this was simply a draft waiting to be published. So there you are.

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