Talking Books.

Yes today I’m talking about physical publications, because let’s face it, time’s a tickin’ for all that is not digital. But in the last few weeks there have been two book releases in particular which have begged the question: So are books still going strong, then? (I honestly believe sometimes that I am the only one that doesn’t possess a Kindle, living in the past I know)

Let me explain, as soon as I clapped eyes on Alexa Chung’s release titled It, I knew I had to have, well, it, and yet I knew next to nothing about the novel. But the oh so pretty pink canvas cover and the thought of a model giving tips on getting dressed in the morning? I was sold along with nearly ever other young woman with even the slightest of interests in fashion. Also, I may have finished the book in a day, so do with that what you will.

Then, there’s my own personal obsession: Leandra Medine. Only the most witty and funny fashion writer to grace New York with her Man-Repelling outfits and musings. With the genius tag line ‘Seeking love, finding overalls’ Medine talks about her Man Repelling habits and how eventually these work in her favour. It all started with her blog named Man Repeller (Forever in my favourites bar) which stemmed from shopping with a close friend one day, and hopelessly moaning that she can’t hold down a relationship, then her friend simply replies with ‘Maybe it’s because of what you wear.’ Leandra talks about these items that women covet so much, but men seem to despise, as well as other controversial issues, whilst also being entertaining throughout. In short, the woman writes and dresses god damn well, definitely an icon in my books (pun so intended).

You can get both books super cheap from here!

What do you think of the latest releases?

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