Back to School.


Image from JAK & JIL.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog or even follow me on Twitter (If you do both, you deserve some sort of medal), you’ll know that I have no greater love than that ‘Back to School’ feeling. Most people have their new starts and already failed resolutions days after New Years, and whilst I can’t seem to get along with that time of year (must be the endless roast dinners, combined with clothes sales everywhere – why stop such a good thing?), my new starts seem to creep up on me come August, and be in full swing by the end of September.

It’s the wardrobe replenishment, buying stationary I’ll never use and most importantly, the beautiful season that is Autumn (see more on that here). And maybe it’s even more prominent this year due to it most likely being my final year in education, ever (though I will always have those Masters temptations I’m sure) . This year will be the end of my degree and then I will bask in the stress and sallow that is finding ‘a real job’ which made the whole degree debt worth every penny.. Jealous?

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