Falling for Autumn.


Image from JAK & JIL.

Is it here yet? Honestly, a nice bit of sunshine does me good, but after a few consecutive days of no clothes being quite cool enough and practically living off ice lollies and water (hydration people, hydration), in all truth  I miss layering, my autumnal leaves-inspired colour palette and a not-too-cold not-too-hot weather scale making getting dressed in the morning a more optimistic matter. August had to be my favourite, essentially the end of summer, preparing my purse for the new collections (Hello, Zara Autumn/Winter) and getting ready for that back to school paraphernalia (in my case the last year of university) – fresh starts and a new wardrobe, is there much better in life?

This is beyond Fashion Month, too. Now I may be speaking too quickly when I say it draws out a certain aspect of creativity in me, but I seem to enjoy writing more, being inspired to a drastic new level, even mustering the energy to take more photographs, and in general, document life more. It’s not often I see someone with a greater love of the season than me, but after reading this article from Thought Catalog I thought I’d do my bit for Fall.

Now, excuse me while I find every knitted piece I own and march through hypothetical leaves, crunching them under my perfectly block heeled booties that I’m still yet to track down, all whilst clutching a spiced brew of course..

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