Pink Ladies.


From left: Jonathan Saunders, Roksanda Ilincic, Carven & Céline A/W 13.

Got to love a clichéd post title. I couldn’t help myself.

But It’s not very often new, wearable collections truly excite me any more, so when I saw this rose tinted mastery from Céline (as well as Saunders, Roksanda and Carvens creations) I just knew it would trickle-down a treat. Not to be confused with lower class and cheap, this piece can make an existing outfit instantly refined and more importantly, elegant (a touchy subject for me..). For me, being a student with a budget consisting of the decision to purchase a new Toppers dress or indulge in a few to many cheeky Pret a Manger’s (the latter wins too many times, girl’s gotta eat) I can’t quite literally afford Céline’s latest offerings, but already I’ve spotted Zara and Primark re-imagining said piece (identical, in short) and many can and will argue that by high-street stores offering these pieces they are ripping off the designers in which they originated. But I don’t know a student that can, quite frankly, shell out for a Céline cocoon coat when trusty Zara round the corner retails a very similar piece for a fraction of the price. I will always respect and adore designer pieces, but at the same time, I need that pink coat.

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