Image from JAK & JIL.

Monochrome for me is entirely hit and miss. It’s almost like a bad friend that sometimes lies and does things you wish they wouldn’t but nevertheless, you try to ignore all that because they also listen to you and are there for you when you need them. If this is making no sense just tell me to go home, but there are so many examples of good and bad monochrome that I can’t help but feel on the fence about the whole situation.

When Monochrome is good – for me – it’s simple, timeless and elegant, with more focus being on styling an entire outfit to fit the monochrome standard than purchasing one overly striped black and white piece and being done with it. That’s the simple mans game.

For example; above, an obvious example for the Monochrome trend? Yes. An accurate and promoting example? No, not for me I’m afraid. I think more skill is involved crafting the Bee and Double U’s classically with a more subtle approach than – dare I say it – obnoxious. I’m not saying bold is bad, there’s just so many varied examples of Mono now that I thought I would share my two cents on the matter. As for high-street stores that get the trend right on many occasions? It would have to consist of my beloved Zara, Cos, Topshop and even Primark have a few golden (well, monochrome) pieces if you dig hard enough.

How do you like your Monochrome? Big and bold or classic and clean?

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