The Money Shot.


Image from JAK & JIL.

You know how that old saying goes, about how a photograph is worth a thousand words? Well, if this is the case, what does a moving image tell you; one that you can control? You decide when and where it moves, you are the creator of a story telling experience.

I recently watched the Vogue: Fashion in the Digital Age podcast featuring fashion blogger, Disneyrollergirl. It was extremely informative and touched on many elements that can affect fashion digitally in the future, but there was one particular quote from Vogue’s Creative Director Robin Derrick which stuck in my mind, ‘How we see a black and white photograph now is how we’ll see colour stills in five years time.’ I think he may be right.

I used to desperately hold on to the concept of magazines, books, still photos and every other physical means of publication so tightly, but after realising the innovation of new digital concepts and how over time this can really change the way we see fashion completely I may have been converted. The following websites which I will include for your perusal also swayed my opinion greatly. (Warning, expect to have all old-fashioned technology morals you currently possess taken from you immediately).

1. It all started when I found the Fashion Week’s in GIFs, in which I featured here.

2. Then I came across what turned out to be one of the most inspirational pieces; a feature on Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Kahn (scroll down, you’ll see).

3. As well as the most recent Daft Punk feature also found on Pitchfork.

4. Vine had a strong impact too in the sartorial world, what with designers’ shows and all.

5. A moving image shoot myself and my colleague worked on, combining vintage with modernity.

There’s many more I’m sure but I don’t wish to bombard you all with links so I will be on my way, revelling in all that was Wimbledon, still gorging on all attire of the white variety.

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