Milan Fashion Week: Menswear – Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014.



Contrary to D&G’s most recent headlines in relation to the whole behind bars dispute, I wanted to talk about Mythological Sicily, the latest collection in Menswear to have every male slapping on the fake tan and bringing out their best white suit.

Technically, the whole collection is a cliché. A very pretty one yes, but a cliché nonetheless. Each and every piece reiterated the Greek stereotype; from the repeated prints of Zeus and Apollo against one-tone suits to Roman Sandals, if this collection got any more patriotic I’d need a tub of yoghurt and some well deserved Halloumi to watch it with. In fact, the only proof of exceeding limitations in the entire show consisted of a tailored trouser paired with Roman Sandals, and as these were prominent throughout it wouldn’t surprise me if it was merely coincidental. This all confused me however, when the name Sicily presented itself.



Images from Dolce & Gabbana.

I didn’t detest the collection don’t get me wrong, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana can (and do) create what they will; even if it is a mere three days after being sentenced to prison, but consideration of the Trickle Down theory is a must now for every designer. The unchallenging suits and repeat prints that were shown will have the likes of Primark selling a monochrome temple tee (in which they’ll use images from this google search) with ‘Zuse’ plastered all over it (spelling intentional, we’re talking Primark here). My point is, we’re currently at that stage where the High Street is not only recreating designer pieces at an affordable price, but retailers such as my beloved Zara make said pieces more wearable. Designers need to focus on originality and using inspirations to create more of a twist, but that’s just my thought – Though one or two pieces were very Burberry.

The one thing I can get on board with? White errythang.

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