Seventies is Always in Style.

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Image c/o Christopher Nickson

The Seventies is a somewhat controversial era in terms of trends and fashion, some adore floaty bell sleeved blouses and a classic flared jean, others have nothing but confusion as to why the era had such an impact on the fashion industry. I used to be the latter, although it seems as technology and materials have vastly improved, (in my mind) so has the reinvention of the seventies. This may sound as though I am insinuating designers are loosing touch with the era, though ironically it seems to be the exact opposite. As technology has grown, designers have the capability to make the seventies better than it was back in the day, sartorially speaking, of course.

Though as fads and subcultures seem to come and go quicker than anyone can really keep up with them*, it has always struck me that seventies is always in style; be it a strong, eye-catching detail on a otherwise simple dress, the use of an elaborate soft fabric or even a slightly fuller sleeve, the big seven-oh’s have inspired more pieces than most know or begin to realise. And with legend David Bowie returning with his latest album release The Next Day, the era will have another influence/reason to flood our closets..

It does seem however that the era of the ‘hippy’ only seems to strive in the sun, as in Autumn/Winter the last sartorial suggestion would be bright jumpsuits and sky high wedges. You can be sure that as soon as the sun shows it’s face ever so slightly, seventies editorials are going to flood the majority of fashion magazines, leaving us with nothing but serious hair envy and wanting to purchase yet another pair of oversized sunglasses (along with many other items we pretend we need).

So what do you think of seventies style? Do you think it is still interpreted well or is the seventies just an appropriate stereotype for denim flares and wedges now?

* It’s not just me, right?

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4 thoughts on “Seventies is Always in Style.

  1. I love the seventies..I lust the perfect match of volume where it should be and fitted where needed..that and the 40s are probably my favourite eras..although – much to my surprise..the 80s is creeping back into my heart.. xxx

    1. Yes I agree, I think 40’s is definitely over looked a lot of the time. Though after The Great Gatsby the 1920’s is finally getting the credit it deserves in terms of garments! xo

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