Spring/Summer Edit #3: The Breton Stripe.


Image from La Mariniere.

My name’s Jannaire and I’m addicted to Breton Stripes.

Or any sort of stripe actually, but today we’re just talking the Audrey Hepburn type, the perfect navy against cream combo, the tuck in-or-leave out, wear with red lippie, gold jewellery and you’re done kinda piece (outfit suggestion optional, we all know they go with absolutely everything). So I thought I’d let you all in on a bit o’ history about the classic striped tee..

The Breton Stripe has been around for over 150 years, it originated as uniform for French Navy seaman and was originally referred to as a marinière (Googled, obvs). The original design consisted of 21 stripes, for each and every one of Napolean’s victories. Long story short, Coco Chanel quickly introduced the iconic piece as part of her nautical collection in 1917 and it’s been one big Parisian hoot since. History lesson over, but I’m glad we learnt together that not only is it timeless and chic to wear, but it has a lot of sentimental beauty behind it to many people.

So whether you wear yours with blue skinnies and tortoise shell sunnies (I don’t think my tortoise shell obsession will ever end) or dungarees, vintage jewellery, cute socks and brogues, to me a striped tee is just as classic as a white shirt or a pair of jeans. A must have for any wardrobe at any seasonal stage, male or female.

To this day I’m still on the hunt for that perfect Breton stripe, and have now convinced myself that this consists of 21 stripes – no more, no less..

What will you be wearing your favourite stripes with this Spring/Summer?

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