Blinded by Brands?

7 thoughts on “Blinded by Brands?

  1. Completely and utterly with you re slave to branding. I do want to make those ‘special’ purchases for things I adore.. I want to have that ‘flutter’ when I wear them..but also I want the shopping experience that goes with it. The crinkle of tissue, a beautiful bag – kind, understanding assistants, amazing lighting…Where would I go for that? I find most brands like to be intimidating and snooty..which puts me off. But the high street is a bun fight. Internet is sterile. It’s an interesting conundrum…and my choice would be the proper fitting H&M..only I would see the label…everyone else would see the fit xxx

    1. Thank you very much for such a thoughtful comment, I completely agree with you, brands need to interact with their consumer and make them feel good, that’s what makes the customer want to spend! xo

  2. I also hate it when a piece of clothing does not fit, look, feel, stay good. But I try to buy brand names chiefly because of quality. I have seen a lot of items that look and feel lovely when new and after the first washing or week of wearing are total crap. And you can’t say this before you buy them, so a brand name is some kind of guide you are not purchasing something like this.

    1. I too agree that a brand name should be almost a guide as to the quality/fit of an item, though when consumers purchase an item purely on its trending status, and just because of a somewhat fashionable logo as opposed to quality and whether the item flatters their body shape, etc it bewilders me. xo

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