You can’t spell Chanel without Coco.

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Image courtesy of Christopher Nickson.

I promised myself I wouldn’t reiterate any more about the fashion shows that have come and gone this Fashion Month, though after watching the disappointment that was the Chanel Fall/Winter 13-14 Ready-to-Wear show, I just couldn’t help myself..

I understand my opinion of this might not be the most popular right now, but I feel a few things need to be said. It seems that so many people find it a trend in itself to adore Chanel, with little or no knowledge of the brands history. As hard as it is to believe, my objective is not to decompose every inch of Lagerfeld down to his well donned leather gloves, it’s just a simple wish for those that didn’t even watch the entirety of the show, blindly clicking the like button without a second thought to step back and think, what is my opinion, really?

Because that’s the real point I’m attempting to make here, you DO have an opinion, and it DOES mean something. A Youtube comment caught my eye as I was scrolling to see others responses on the show, and in the amidst of Delevingne fans I saw, ‘Fashion world. faux people deciding what other faux people should like and wear. meanwhile, in the real world, people think for themselves.’ Now generally I would disagree with such a comment, but I really think this show consisted of too many factors to do so. Pink fluffy helmets and Knee high white pvc boots, combined with tacky eyelashes, the cast of Towie are the new icons this fall, haven’t you heard? Secondly, that dreadful soundtrack. I don’t think there’s much else I can say on the matter, it was awful, and I’ll never be convinced otherwise. If you are compiling a playlist of the worst songs of all time however, the songs are as follows – Philip Gorbachev: Sweet Regina, Last Days Of The District, I Want You So and Where Is Ronny Douglas?




Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I detest everything about the collection. Many tweed details and clever use of black caught my eye, with a very captivating new shape featuring high necks, skater skirts and gauntlet sleeves. The few floral pieces that are featured are refreshing and made suitable for Autumn/Winter, with navy backgrounds and scaled down, rich prints. I just think one shouldn’t have to look to hard to find real beauty.

So models trotted around the globe that is Karl’s world. I think this is the main problem, it is now, more so than ever, Karl’s vision spreading across such a classic, elegant brand, leaving little or no traces of Coco behind. I’m all for modernization and completely understand that many original sartorial styles just wouldn’t cut it in this day and age, but it seems as though Karl is interested more in domination than keeping originality within the brand. I really hope the next collection will be more of the classic Chanel we all know and love, but for now I’ll be reminiscing of past collections, waiting..

What do you think about the new collection and it’s impact on the brand?

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