Prada A/W 13-14, Who’s That Woman?

Prada has done it again. The well-established fashion house graced the Milan Fashion Week catwalk with some stunning new designs for this Autumn/Winter. Think 1950’s, with an edgy twist. The collection is named ‘Who’s That Woman?’ Featuring tweed separates, beaded detailing, fur coats and a whole lotta leather, this is as assorted as collections come. Muiccia Prada stated, ‘I wanted things to look a bit destroyed. You can’t look too feminine, be too romantic.’ And although I personally like to embrace femininity (in garments, at least), this collection is refreshingly different and diverse, making there something for everyone (everyone with a couture winning bank balance, that is).

Images from Vogue.

Fit-and-flare shapes play a big part in the collection, as well as the distinctive gauntlet sleeves and ridiculously high platforms. The overall make up look consisted of berry toned lips, a fresh base paired with some definition around the eyes, not forgetting the wet hair models sported, in which I’m not so much a fan of. However, this is Prada, there’s bound to be many a reasoning and meaning to every element in the collection. Many sources have linked this to be a response to the current political climate in Italy, though what ever the reason there’s definitely a feeling of an incomplete look from beginning to end with an array of off-the-shoulder jackets and staggered hemlines. Although the collection may not be one of the most ground breaking for the colder seasons (see the full collection here), it really does make me – and no doubt many others – ask the anticipated yet expected question, who is that woman?

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