Orla Kiely A/W 12-13: The Collection.

Orla Kiely is known for her trademark leaf print on dresses, bags, and stationary, a quick Google and you’d have quite a firm grasp on the designer’s style. Whilst perusing Autumn/Winter collections designers had to offer, I was stunned to see a more mature yet classically feminine approach to the colder seasons. I know, i’m pretty late with this one as it isn’t her latest collection (see the collection for A/W 13-14 here), though I feel this one hasn’t had half as much credit as it deserves, so brace yourselves..

Orla still leaves (pun unintentional, promise) her mark on many pieces, although prints are scaled down and colour schemes are much richer and season appropriate. Berry hues and mustard tones are made unique and fresh (something I thought couldn’t be done) by contrasting textures and adding a few touches of 60’s detailing. Dainty collars and long sleeves combined with strong, structured accessories add interest to the overall sartorial look, though figure flattering lady-like shapes are all that is seen here, with yet another twist of blouses under dresses, my kinda layering.

I cannot express enough just how wonderful this collection is, it is so beautifully uniformed, yet each piece is unique, not to mention the fact that it captures perfectly the epitome of my aspirational autumn/winter wardrobe (all donations welcome for that gorgeous school-blue blouse). A capsule collection with on trend details and flattering shapes, is there anything the designer can’t captivate?

Just when I thought I couldn’t long for summer more, part of me cannot wait for the leaves to start dropping again. Living in England I don’t think I’ll be stowing away those chunky knits just yet, but there’s something so exciting about the beginning of Autumn, fresh starts and all that. Dresses without my trusty 80 deniers though? I’ll leave that one to you, Miss Kiely.

What do you think of the collection? Are there pieces that you could see yourself wearing or will you be channelling a more androgynous look this Autumn?

To view the full collection click here


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